Saturday, September 2, 2017

Believe in yourself

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do, is to believe in yourself.
However, now you can get some great outfits to remind you to do so
from The Spunky Monkey which will be at =Daedreamz=

Smell the color blue!

Oh my goodness! Can you say cute?! I can, because it so is! 
I'm super excited to say that this ensemble is out at =Daedreamz=
from Little Clover. Grab this cute outfit while you can folks,
it doesn't just come in blue(which no doubt you have figured out by now is
my favorite color) but it comes in a multitude of colors!


Oh...Oh dear..oh me.. oh my.. I seemed to have stumbled upon
some sorta silent hill. I.. I don't know if I'm ready for this.. Oh dear..
I..I think I'll just continue on my way...
This beautiful outfit will be out at =Daedreamz= from Sammich Fixins!

oh you have GOAT to be kidding me

I'm sorry maybe I didn't hear you right.. Did you just say I have to sleep up here?
Where it's hot and well.. to be honest kinda dingy smelling? You have GOAT to be kidding me!!
Never fear everyone, this adorable outfit will be at DaeDreamz from one of my favorite stores! 
{Little Cakes} will have this available to buy for guess what.. 50 Linden!!!
Grab it while you can folks!