Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saving The Duckies

As I was walking around in the tall grass, I heard a peep peep 
I stopped and I looked around, there to see a tiny little thing.
I looked to and fro, wondering where it came from, then
with a cheep cheep and squeak squeak, I knew just where to take her.
So I picked up the duckling and went to where the mama was. 
"Now don't go far from your mama you lil duckie" 
Before I put it down again and made on my way. 
On Kinsley
Toddleedoo babygirl 3.6 & Alice Bento Head
OHAI! Dara Shape
IKON Charmed Eyes
*DoRks* @ Thimble Spring Maxi Ombre Dawn
*PAN* Tractor Mail box(Past Event) 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Look at me I'm Sandra Dee

Look at me,
There has to be something more than what they see
Wholesome and pure,
Oh so scared and unsure, a poor man's
Sandra Dee
You must start anew,
Don't you know what you must do
Hold your head high,
Take a deep breath and sigh
Goodbye to Sandra Dee
For as long as I can remember, I have loved Grease. Sandra Dee was my favorite character because of how her character arcs. She starts out sweet and pure, and towards the end she finds out who she really wants to be. For me though, I wanna be like the beginning. In this picture I am wearing *DoRks* Sandra Dee which is available still at the Ninety-Nine event! So be sure to stop and get it if you can! The music box next to me comes from Beau Babe and is available at ATP Events not sure how much longer this event goes on, so hurry and grab it! It plays over the rainbow. 

On Kinsley
Toddleedoo 3.6 & Alice Bento Head
Ohai! Dara Shape
IKON Charmed Eyes

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kiss the froggy Lily!!

Lily oh sweet Lily, why won't you come and play with me? 
The froggy? Oh it may be a prince! Kiss it for me and find out?
After all what are older sisters for? 
The outfit in the picture is from Beau Babe and was featured in the last shop hop. If your lucky maybe she still has it for sale!! The pose is by Snap It! and is called my prince. It is currently available at the Ninety Nine event but hurry up and grab it while you can!! 

On Kinsley
Toddleedoo Babygirl 3.6 & Alice Bento Head
Ohai! Dara Shape
IKON Charmed Eyes

Though she be little, she is fierce

Oh, when she’s angry, she is keen and shrewd!
She was a vixen when she went to school.
And though she be but little, she is fierce.

This wonderful outfit is brought to you by several of my lovely sponsers. The hat is a gacha from Tiny Cakez . This among the romper and the frame will be at Thimble. The Romper comes from Lil brats and the frame comes from Beau Babe. This Frame gacha is 45 Lindens per pull and comes with two rares. The purse that I am wearing comes from *Dorks* and is available at Hello Beautiful. Be sure to grab these wonderful things while you can!!

On Kinsley
Toddleedoo babygirl 3.6 & Alice Bento Head
Ohai! Dara Shape
IKON Charmed eyes
Bivd sweet babes

Friday, May 19, 2017

Unicorn Obsession

I am not I repeat NOT obsessed with Unicorn.. I mean it's just two.. It's not like I NEED the whole collection.. mmm maybe I do! I mean they so cute and fluffy and they spray such magical scents and ugh I needa go back to Thimble and play this again!! So many kinds and and I want them ALLLLLLLL *coughs* but again I am not obsessed with the unicorns. The Scenticorns are brought to Thimble by Sammich Fixins! And they have not one but two rares, one for those fairy princesses and one for those mermaid princesses. The outfit will also be sold at Thimble by Tiny Tiara's Bowtique. This outfit is the perfect outfit to play and laze around in. Several colors are available! Be sure to grab them up!! 

On Kinsley
Toddleedoo baby 3.6 & Alice Bento Head
Ohai! Dara Shape
Ikon Charmed Eyes

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Playin after school

Today I spent the day after school with my godmother, as you can see it's pretty much a farm land. So I always put on my rubber boots so that I won't get to to dirty. I also brought along my notebook so that I could keep track of all the birds that I found. You can get this outfit from ShortNStuff its one of the new releases in the store and it is called Wendy. There's also a pink version for those special girly girls. The boots are from Lil Brats and are available on their marketplace. The notebook is going to be at Thimble from Giggleblocks Kids. There are two Gachas, silver, and Gold. 

On Kinsley
Toddleedoo Babygirl 3.6 & Alice Bento Head
Ohai! Dara Shape
IKON Charmed Eyes
Doe Elfie


Today I spent the day with my godmommy at her moms place. It was a good place to have some peace and quiet. You see I was hiding from well, having to hunt. I don't wanna hunt some innocent bambi or deer, So in order to protest I put on my romper from {Little Cakes} which will be at Thimble starting the 20th. This Gacha has some pretty cool stuff in it, many rompers to choose from and paci's as well. The rares are a fatpack of all the rompers and a fatpack of all the paci's! The shape as you may have noticed is not  my normal one, that is because this shape was made by {Moose} which will also be at Thimble on Saturday! The nails are by {Polished} which will be available at Color Me Cute !! Super cute Ombre nails of all kinds to choose from! Be sure to save up the L's cus this month just got a whole lot cuter. The Garden Bench is from ~Zo Awesum~ which will also be at Thimble too! 

On Kinsley
Toddleedoo babygirl 3.5 & Alice Bento Head
IKON Charmed eyes
Thimble {Little Cakes} Deer Spring Romper, Deer Paci { Moose} Maeve Shape
Color Me Cute {Polished} Ombre Nails
BiVD Sweet Babes Poses