Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dolly's and sneaking.

This is my dolly Sadie. She does everything with me.
Today she got me to sneak into my father's study room.
GASP! The things I found in here were amazing.
You can get your own Sadie from The Play Room, brought to you from ::.Beau Babe.::.
The outfit will be at The Color Garden in multiple colors from Ohana Inc.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


After working all day in the garden, Maisie and I decided it was time for a break.
So we pulled out our favorite blow up chairs and flopped in. 
If anyone knows my sister, shes obsessed with Owls. So she was happy to have some plushies. 
Both my outfit and these chairs are at DaeDreamz. The chairs are by Doodlebugz.

Lemonade, come getcha lemonade!

Lemonade! Getcha Lemonade! Maisie and I are selling them
for just 25 linden! We did all the work ourselves!!!
The outfit I am wearing is from Unicorn Cupcake and will be sold at DaeDreamz!!
These cute poses we are using are from {Tiny Gems} And are a gacha! Super cute! 

Monday, July 3, 2017


Even little Mermaids need baths!
My friend puffin the penguin helped me :D
The outfit is coming to Route 66 from Tiny.Cakez
The little penguin is from *PAN* which also comes with a cute froggy and ducky. 

Sunshine Daisy

You ever get those days where you're like extremely hungry?
I am starving.. but i forgot to pack food.. so now..
The pose is new from P.O.S.E and the Shirt is from Tiny. Cakez
which will be part of the gacha at The Play Room!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

School's out for Summer.

Last day of school,regular that is..
As you all know I'm headed off to be a princess.
This outfit I am wearing consists of two different stores.
The unicorn outfit is brought to us by Tiny Cakez and will be at DaeDreamz!
The shoes are part of Shop Hop this July and are brought to us by Beau Babe.
As well as The Bunny back pack, which will be at the Bebe Grand opening!
Don't fret Toddleedoo babys! They have them for you to! 

Princess and the pea..

Who's the fairest of them all?
Who's a princess through and through?
My mommy and daddy call me the peanut princess..
So I threw this up as if to say, all hail the princess peanut!
You can get this cute princess hat from *Pan* as part of Shop Hop.
The pose is from P.O.S.E and is called Princess and the pea.