Monday, December 24, 2018

Warmest Wishes

The Warmest of holiday wishes from me to you this season. It's been a long year, and this year before christmas, I thought I'd show you just a few things you can get your loved ones for the holidays. First, there's these adorable rudolphs! They have light up noses and everything, so if you are a rudolph lover be sure to check out Little Clover's gacha at The Toddleedoo Winter fair( Unfortnatley this just ended on the 23rd, but be sure to check marketplace!!) At the cove we have snowglobes from Little Clover as well!! These come transferable and modify so you can put a picture of your family in them!! Then we also have this cute snowman from Little Clover at Thimble this month! Theres a lot to grab from them! go go go! Finally, the hat and nose? You guessed it, from Little Clover!! It's available at CMC This month! Grab them all while you can! 

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